Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan is still on, and looking for models! It is a project by a Belgian artist Florence Plissart during her stay in Japan, aiming to share the stories and lives of women in Japan. She is now preparing for new exhibitions and to make it into a book.
Are you interested in becoming a model for the project? Here is the info for you:

Florence Plissart

Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan

Florence Plissart | Komorebi “Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan”


How to be a model?

You need to be a woman of Japan and willing to exchange.
It doens’t matter where you live, where you are from, and also how old you are.

You’ll have an interview (apporx. 2 hours) and be asked to pose for the draw your portrait (apporx. 1 hour).
You can choose where and how you want to be drawn (at your home, your job, a place that makes sense for you or that you find beautiful, with someone or alone, doing a daily activity or something you like…).
It is possible to participate in the project via Skype or LINE.

Flornce is fluent in English, French and Italian.
She will find an interpreter if you’d like to do an interview in Japanese.

Particular Profiles Wanted

In order to have variety points of view in the project, she is also looking for the particular profiles:

Old, even older women
  • It’d be grateful to have the voices of the ancients in this project if you can introduce me your grandmother and/or ny old woman you know.
    Please feel free to ask for the interpreter if Japanese interview is preferred.
Younger women or girls (under 20)
  • Are you interested in international exchange through this project?
    Florence is fluent in English, French and Italian.
    You can ask for the interpreter if you’d like to have an interview in Japanese.
Women who identify themselves as LGBTQ
  • Florence is sensitive to the topic, open-minded and curious to compare experiences between her culture and yours.
    It is important to her that my project can show that there are so many ways of being a woman, gives a visibility to voices we don’t always hear and calls to tolerance.
Hāfu women
  • Comparing to Europe, it seems something very particular to be a metis in Japan.
    It’d be grateful to have your voice in the project!
Women with a rich spiritual/religious life
  • Maybe even a nun or priest?
Women willing to talk about…
  • Some topics don’t often come out naturally in the conversation or that are not asked about, such as sexuality, birth experiences or death.

Some of the above subjects might require some privacy, so in case of secrecy concern, remember that anonymous testimonies are possible.

If you’re interested in the project, contact Florence Plissart.
You can ask any questions from here, too.


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